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It’s a debt of good times on us to wait for it till it appears again.


Is democracy really doing good to the Nations and people?

Every political leader has risen from among the common voters only;
As the voters, so are the politicians.

If the voters vote for selfish goals and short sighted schemes, the nation is surely getting selfish leaders.

Finally, autocracy accelerates countries like China but democracy dumps developing countries like India.

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The first line….

Everyone has his own destiny. No matter how you are related to someone or how much you love someone, you have a different destiny from his and thus have to pursue a different path.
Ofcourse, you guys had something in common to realise or may be to realise different things but being in same situation.
Someone comes in your life, both of you share a part of your lives with each other, but once your roles in each others’ lives end, your ways part.
Destiny is astonishingly smart. When it’s time to meet someone, destiny will introduce events so that you meet again and again. And when it’s time to part ways, it will create events which will not allow you to be together anymore.

One can play safe if he realises the very first line of this article, “everyone has his own destiny” and one must realise it to liberate oneself from all kinds of falsehoods and attain never ending bliss.

ps: change may happen, smile should stay

Late night

(Before going to bed)
Do I want to listen to something?
Oh yes! I want to listen to myself at this point in time.

ps: change may happen, smile should stay

Think! Not so Good or Not so Bad?

Think! We change every good thing into not so good thing, use it and enjoy.
Green chilies are good for health but then we preserve it, let it convert red, dry it up and finally churn it into red chilly powder (not so good).
We eat fresh fruits, some people have made it a habit of taking out fresh juices out of fruits and drink them fresh. But then we add preservatives and pack in bottles (not so good).

And this market of ‘not so good goods’ seems to be gradually growing very fast and we are welcoming it with wide open arms.
Fine, no problem, everyone doesn’t have time to cook natural and grow food for themselves. So it’s good that we have some options which are not that bad.

Now think!

How much aware we are about the things which were not so good and then there are people who have or are trying to turn them into better ones?


Now I’m a student of MBA-APR. Subjects of commerce and I am like a Sun is to a new born baby. In Hindus a new born child is made to face the lord Sun after few days of his birth. And we also have a whole ceremony called Suraj Pooja to celebrate this happy day.
As this baby doesn’t have any idea what is happening around, same is what i feel when the faculty writes that heavy one liner heading of the following day’s topic which we are to study.
But as he/she proceeds and asks the class what do we actually understand by the following term, in general sense, i listen to my classmates’ answers till i evaluate in my brain. And suddenly a number of examples start appearing in my brain……a river of examples flow……but every time I think of an example , I quieten myself, thinking what, i too don’t understand and one of my classmates gives the same examples and definitions which were constantly hitting my mind…… It happens again and again. Again i think of an example and again someone speaks tha same thing.

Evolving… 🙂

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